the Repeat Offender Club

The Repeat Offender Club was created to reward fabric offenders.  How does it work? 
Simple, you sign up, buy, buy, buy and we reward you.  Spend $100 in 12 months either in our brick & mortar store or online; we will issue you a $10 gift certificate to use within 60 days.  There are no cards for you to loose; we will keep track of it for you.  There are a couple of exceptions & other details about what counts & how you can redeem them but not too limited.  Contact us if you have questions about the particulars that aren't already addressed below.

Q & A:
  1. How can you join?  Just ask.  Make a note in your checkout memo and, you're in!
  2. Is there a club card I have to keep track of?  Nope; we'll keep track of that for you.
  3. Do all my purchases count?  Mostly.  The purchases made online & in the shop count but sales at shows cannot count because the checkout system is not that sophisticated yet.  And no, we cannot add them into the system in the store.
  4. Are there some items that aren't included in my purchase totals?  Yes.  Classes, custom quilting, consignment items, gift certificates, taxes & shipping fees.
  5. Is the 12 month period per calendar year, like from January to December?  Nope, the 12 months moves from the day you made a purchase forward 12 months.  For example, say your qualifying purchase on May 10 was $50, on August 10 was $60.  You will be issued a gift certificate that you have 60 days from August 10 to redeem.  $10 of that purchase gets added to future purchases until you reach another $100 total. 
  6. What can I buy with my Reward?  You can use it for most anything except another gift certificate.