get your Freak On!

Face it, we all have fetishes.  Mine is textiles.  Something happens when I see fabric that makes me wanna run across the room and touch it.  Then something freaky brain starts to create sunshine & a horizon, my mouth starts watering, my fingers begin to quiver, and my eyes begin to roll back.  I begin to see possibilities and they begin to grow exponentially in my mind and before I loose myself in infinite possibility, I have to step away from the fabric.  I usually look around to see if anyone else just saw what happened.  You know what I usually see?  Other people lost in their own little experience -- "clean up in the fabric aisle!"

Who B We?

"We" are all those who make in the Patch designs possible -- me, phyllis meiring, my hubby & partner in life & biz, Mitch Meiring, all those who've walked with us thus far, those still steppin' & all those still yet to come.  We cannot do it alone nor would we.  My hubby stepped up in March 2012 to continue this creative journey and by the end of 2012, we will have closed Blackberry Patchworks, ltd.  I opened a quilt shop in 2002 and 10 years later chose to close it and narrow my focus.  There is still a place to go, both online & there is a GPS location but it's not Blackberry Patchworks.  Blackberry Patchworks has prepared us for the nexts steps in our journey.  If you asked me what kind of store it is, I would have to tell you that it's sorta like a art gallery & art supply store rolled up with textiles -- mostly wonderful hand-dyed wools. 

You'll find quilts with wools, penny rugs, pin cushions & lots of projects to make it your way.  We have fabric yard cuts, kits, hand-dyed wools in 5" squares, the Wooly Charms, and Chubbys, 16" squares.  There is also an exclusive collection of hand-dyed wools packaged in darling bags that will be released for a limted time for each season.  They are called Market Bags.  The Spring Market Bag 2012 is now retired and the Summer Market Bag is now available.  There are also coordinating projects to use with the wools.

I will continue to create new projects & new wools to help inspire or maybe even ignite your own creativity.  I believe we are at the top of our game when we create -- whatever medium you play with, it's important to just create.  I prefer textiles and specifically wools. 

Thanks for challeging me to move forward.  I'll work smart to keep coloring the world with creativity!

Creativity restores balance,
encourages harmony,
mends hearts, expresses love,
and frees one for soul-full expression.